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The Program

Who is the Program for?

The Program is for teachers of Computer Science in both Engineering (B.Tech/BE) as well as non-Engineering (B.Sc./BCA/MCA). The aim is to improve the teaching capability of teachers in different subjects of Computer Science.

How is the Program organised?

The Program is organised by modules, where each module focuses on improving teaching capabilities in specific subjects. Each module will be taught by the top experts in the country in that subject.

What is the duration and mode of teaching?

Each module will be taught online over a duration of about 12 to 15 weeks in a regular semester, with one session per week which will be conducted live. (Recordings will be available to registered participants). It is expected that for each module, a total of about 6 to 8 hours per week of effort will be required by the participants.

What syllabus will be followed?

Each subject-specific module will be taught by a small group of faculty from top institutions who have expertise in that subject. For each subject, the group will use the AICTE's model curriculum as the base, but will also take feedback from attendees on what topics they face difficulties in, or they feel are important. Each module will discuss important aspects of the AICTE syllabus, and will also try to address the issues raised by the attendees. As it turns out, AICTE is revising its model curriculum and the chair of the AICTE committee is the same as the Chair of the steering committee of this program. It is envisaged that the experts teaching the module for X in this Program will also be involved in designing the module on X in the AICTE curriculum, thereby providing a good alignment of this initiative with AICTE's model curriculum.

Who issues the Certificates?

The certificates will be issued by IIIT-Delhi. The program is supported by ACM India.

Fees, Scholarships, Refund and Start Date?

The fee for each module is Rs 10,000 + GST. (The fee for the Effective Teching Techniques module is Rs, 2,500+GST). This fee includes all lectures and all resources/material provided. (The fee is exclusively to cover the cost of running this program, including providing honorarium to the instructors of different modules. The steering committee members are contributing their time on a voluntary and pro-bono basis. IIIT-Delhi Board has waived the overhead on this program.) It is expected that faculty members enrolling in a module will be nominated by their dept/institute, who will ensure that teaching load is reduced (by 6-8 hours per week) to provide sufficient time to the faculty to devote to this module.

For the courses starting in the January 2022 semester, ACM India has agreed to provide any self-financed teacher or those teachers not fully supported by the college who enrolls in any module a reimbursement of Rs 5000 to cover part of the module cost. The reimbursement will be only for one module, and will be given to individual teachers once they have fully registered and paid for the fees. The details of the process of applying for reimbursement by ACM India will be announced later. The reimbursements will be done before 31st March 2022.

Colleges/institutes who sponsor/nominate three faculty, will get a complimentary registration for one faculty. To avail of this, an official from the college should send a mail to with names of the three faculty who have registered, and the name of the faculty whose registration is to be complimentary.

Institutes can make the payment in bulk for all the faculty candidates they are sponsoring. Please send a mail to to avail this option.

Refund Policy: 10% of the fee will be deducted if one wants to cancel the registration before the module starts. 50% of the fee will be refunded if the cancellation is done after the first class and before the second session in the module. No refunds after the second session.

The start date of the program is in Jan 2022 � in each semester about half dozen modules will be offered.

Do these modules get FDP credits of AICTE?

AICTE has agreed in-principle to providing FDP credits to these modules. This was announced by Chairman, AICTE, in his remarks during the launch of the program. Details regarding the quantum of credits available here

Response from attendees of the modules in January 2022 session

Mid-session feedback was taken from all attendees regarding the modules and their usefulness in improving education. A summary of the response is given here

FDP Credits - The AICTE has approved the FDP credit point in the latest notification. The complete details of the FDP credits is available here (or on AICTE's post)

A short presentation on the CSEDU program made by Prof. Jalote in ACM COMPUTE21. Watch Read

Registration for modules in Summer Session

Note: As many faculty are extra busy this summer due to makeup courses/semester due to Covid, there will be no summer session for CSEDU. Modules will be offered in the Aug-Dec session - those who have registered/enrolled will be suitably informed.

Note: Registration in each module is limited to 100. If your registration is approved, you will receive an email on your registered email id directing you to complete payment for the module. Approval will be done periodically by CSEDU team, so it may take a week or two to get the email. Also note that ACM India is providing partial reimbursement for those who are paying the fees themselves.

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(If you do not want to register for Summer but will like to be informed about modules in August, just create an account. All those who had registered or had enrolled will be informed about the modules being offered in August.)


Benefits for CS Faculty/Teachers

All faculty want to be respected by their students for their teaching, and would like to improve their teaching. With modules taught by expert instructors who are renowned globally, will not only improve a faculty's teaching capability and feedback from students, but also help connect with global academic networks. Certificates in CS Education will help in furthering the teaching career.

It is envisaged that a network of teachers for each subject will be created, which will act as a support group for ongoing discussion and improvement after the modules are over. The instructors teaching the modules will be requested to be part of this network for sometime after teaching the module, to provide inputs.


Benefits for Colleges/ Institutions

With changing expectations of students and employers, colleges/institutions need to improve the quality of CS/IT teaching in line with modern developments. Improved quality of teaching will lead to better employability for students, and better ranking / reputation of colleges/institutions. As this is a comprehensive program covering all the core areas of CS, by getting some faculty trained in all the key subjects, an institute can improve its overall CS education substantially within a matter of a year. NEP envisages that colleges will become autonomous within a decade or so. The program will also help strengthen course design capability in faculty, thereby improving the strength of the institution for autonomy.



Registrations open for modules offered in Jan 2022
Nov 24, 21

Formal launch of the program on Oct 11, 1 pm - 1:30 pm
Oct 04, 21