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Who is behind this program?
A set of very senior academics from the top institutions in the country have gotten together to design and launch this program.

What is the focus of this program?
This program is for faculty in colleges/universities/institutions who teach computer science courses in their institution. The goal of the program is to improve the teaching capability of teachers. Hence, for each important subject of computer science, there is a module on “Effective Teaching of X“, to help teachers teach the subject X better to their students.

What will the attending teachers get?
First and foremost, attending teachers will learn from experts from the country on how to teach the subject more effectively. In this effort, besides improving the understanding of the subject X, the attending teachers will also get all the powerpoint slides (which they can use in their teaching freely), example assignments and projects, and other resources.

Who will issue the certificate and its recognition?
IIIT-Delhi will issue the certificate. The certificate will mention that the program is supported by ACM India.
IIIT-Delhi is a highly respected, globally ranked, autonomous university which is fully empowered to award degrees and certificates – the certificate issued by IIIT-Delhi is therefore valid and official and is likely to be recognized across the country (and globally) – its recognition depends on the organizations.
Further, AICTE has agreed to providing FDP credits to these modules.